Post-Closing Audit

Indecomm's Clients experience a number of benefits from outsourcing their post-closing function.

Reduced handling

Indecomm eliminates multiple touchpoints between notary to post-closing to recording to policy production. This speeds up the process and reduces the potential for service level lapses.

Real-Time status

Using Indecomm's Dynamic Doc HUB (DDH), we provide a real-time view into the status of the closing documents and the related exceptions so that our client can address them in a timely manner and ensure the timely and accurate funding of the loan.

Easy transition from Post-Closing to Recording

The direct transition from the post-closing audit step to recording ensures that no time is lost from the time the loan is funded to the time the loan is sent to the county for recording. This is why most of our recording clients have engaged us to perform the post-closing audit function as well.

Variable pricing model

We not only lower, but also convert the entire cost structure associated with the post-closing function into a 100% variable model. This helps tremendously to manage the cost structure and create scalability in this turbulent mortgage market.