Final Documents Management

Tracking and Visibility

From the moment you send Indecomm your funded loan data, ViewPoint provides instant visibility to your loan portfolio. We leverage our county turn-time data so you know how much time an Agent/Lender should have to return their documents. If you choose, you can also give your Agents/Lenders access to their part of your portfolio.

Proactive Follow-up

As your documents age and approach expected return times, we take action. First, Indecomm sends email reminders to Agents/Lenders with a list of their old loans. When an email brings no result, our next step is to call the Agent/Lender and ensure they will return their documents.

Audits and Document Handling

When the Agent/Lender does send their Final Documents to Indecomm, we image, temporarily store, and audit the documents. The audits we perform are according to the items you want verified, and we resolve exceptions we discover through communication with the Agent/Lender. Having passed audit inspection, we ship your documents to their final destination, and accomodate for any special destination rules you have.