Why Indecomm

You do the closing,
and we'll do the rest

We have the software and the people to be your
one-stop shop for post-closing, recording, and final documents management.

Custom post-closing audits

We provide flexible post-closing audit checklists and timely delivery of your post-closing requirements.

Record any document
in any jurisdiction

We record Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases, Modifications, UCC's, Subordinations, POA's, and more with a high degree of first time acceptance, a key measure of quality for county recorders.

eRecording with a difference

We connect to hundreds of counties and handle the trouble spots eRecording alone can't fix.

Release and Assignment drafting projects

We streamline your Lien Release and Assignment projects all the way from drafting through recording.

Final Documents management

Discover problem agents or correspondent lenders as we track your documents and do advance follow-up by email and phone.

Ease the pain of error handling

We take proactive steps to prevent document errors. We've been in the recording business over 25 years, and have the tools, quality control measures, and industry expert staff to handle them when they arise.

Indecomm acquired U.S. Recordings in 2007, a leader in mortgage recording and a pioneer in eRecording that had been around for three decades. As Indecomm, we continue to serve the financial services industry and title companies by remaining at the developmental forefront of Mailaway Recording, eRecording and Image-Based processing.